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Great honour to play Sabitri Chatterjee’s lover: Abir Chatterjee

The handsome actor Abir Chatterjee says that Sabitri Chatterjee is a brilliant actress and romancing her onscreen was a great experience.

Anindya Ghosh’s comedy flick Thammar Boyfriend will see Abir as the hero of Sabitri Chatterjee, who in the film is a widow living in a big mansion and inheritor of a huge property. It’s an unusual pairing of a young handsome man and a widow who is a loner.


Thammar Boyfriend Abir Chatterjee Indrashish Roy

“I never thought even in my wildest of imaginations that I could play a hero to Sabitri Chatterjee. Sharing the same screen with her is a pleasure but getting her as a heroine is a great honour. See, all the three generations have admired her; my dadu, my baba as well as me…we all have fallen in love with her,” Abir said to Tellychakkar.com when asked how it felt to play the boyfriend of the veteran actress



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