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‘Gangster’ Songs Mired In Controversy Over Plagiarism!

It’s a familiar feeling. You hear a song and it seems like you’ve heard it somewhere. And before you know it, there are 10 more people saying the same thing. Plagiarism is ubiquitous in today’s time. It’s almost like a trend, embraced by those who perennially struggle with originality . And Tollywood is about nothing if not the `same platter served differently .


Shudhu Tomari Jonyo

‘ Last year, Egiye de, a romantic number from Birsa Dasgupta’s Shudhu Tomari Jonyo, composed by Arindom Chatterjee, was one of the biggest hits. However, it only took a few days for the audience to notice its eerie similarity with Coming home, a popular number by US rapper P Diddy and his band, Dirty Money .


'Gangster' Official Poster

And there has been more `egiye de’ since then. The composer, who has scored for Birsa Dasgupta’s Gangster this year, is in the eye of the storm again.