Ariel Mermaid Kidnapped By Joker Toilet Escape Fun Superhero Movie In Real Life

The Joker is outside fishing for some treasure. He first fishes out a nice new hat that he switches out for his other one. Next, Joker fishes out a frog that he throws over his shoulder. Next, Joker feels a big tug on his fishing pole. He pulls really hard and Ariel the Mermaid comes out of the water!

Joker takes her inside and hides her in the bathtub using a fake disguise. Spiderman and Mini Hulk get suspicious and go to investigate. They find a mermaid in the bathtub and decide to free her.

The mermaid says that she wants to be flushed down the toilet to go back out to the sea. Spiderman and Mini Hulk watch as Ariel the Mermaid jumps into the toilet. Spiderman flushes the toilet and says goodbye.


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