This Poor Dog Spent Five Weeks On A Highway Median Before This Rescue!

GALT — Galt police are hoping to find the owner of a German shepherd that was rescued from the median of Highway 99 near Simmerhorn Road over the weekend.

They say the animal, now affectionately named “Freeway Frida,” eluded capture among the oleander bushes in that median for more than a month.


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The first call about the German shepherd came into the Galt dispatch center on April 10. The caller reported a dog falling or jumping out of a pickup truck in the area, according to police.

“People have been calling the police department reporting that they keep seeing this dog, but every time we’re out there, we can never find the dog,” said Galt police Officer Sylvia Coelho.

The call that finally led to the rescue came early Saturday morning. Coelho responded along with fellow Galt police Officer Hill.


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