Meet the fish that’s taken control of a jellyfish in Byron waters

Underwater photographer Tim Samuel and videographer Franny Plumridge was searching for sea turtles when he encountered the most bizarre pairing he’d ever seen – a fish stuck inside the bell of a long-tentacled jellyfish.

He was free diving off the coast of Byron Bay in northern NSW when he spotted the two creatures.
“I’m not sure what the fish was doing in there; he certainly looks scared,” the 26-year-old told Fairfax Media.


Fish Found Inside Jellyfish!

He added: “The conditions were crystal clear that day, which is why we able to spot the little pair in the first place. The jellyfish was only a couple inches long making the duo an easy miss for sure. We stuck around for about 20 minutes and then left the couple to their own devices. I thought about setting the fish free as we swam off – but figured it was best to just let nature run its course.”


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