Favourite Bengali Celebrities Whose Real Names Will Surprise You

Do You Know The Original Names Of Your Favourite Stars? Why else do you think so many actors and actresses pick screen names before they hit the limelight. The star’s name has to be as cool as his looks and his personality.

Numbers of stars actually take a screen name that appears on the screen instead of their birth name. Here we have enlisted nine actors who are using a different name to as his screen name in his debut movie. Check out how many did you already know about.

Dev: His original name is Deepak Adhikari



Uttam Kumar: His original name is Arun Kumar Chatterjee

Uttam Kumar


Bonny Sengupta: His original name is Anupriyo Sengupta

Bonny And Koushani Prepare For Their Next


Jisshu Sengupta: His original name is Biswaroop Sengupta

Jisshu Sengupta


Om: His original name is Omprakash Sahani



Tota Roy Chowdhury: His original name is Pushparag Roy Chowdhury

Tota Roychodhury


Jeet: His original name is Jeetendra Madnani



Chiranjeet: His original name is Deepak Chakraborty


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