Exploring This Old Abandoned Schoolhouse Will Give You The Creeps

The Tome School is a private school in North East in Cecil County in the U.S.. It is one of the oldest schools in Maryland.

This place is on private property, The Tome School for Boys, originally located on Main Street in Port Deposit, Maryland, was founded by Jacob Tome as a nonsectarian college preparatory school for boys. Having been abandoned since 1990, the building is now a decaying skeleton of its former self, plagued by graffiti, arson, and the occasional homeless squatter.


The Tome School for Boys now lies abandoned but originally began in 1894 and 1942, the Tome School campus was taken by Congressional order and expanded after government purchase from 330 acres to 1,132 acres with more than 500 new buildings added, transforming it into the United States Naval Training Center at Bainbridge.

The base was closed officially in 1986 when the United States Congress authorized the Secretary of the Navy to dispose of the United State Naval Training Center at Bainbridge.

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