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Entertainment is a recession-free business Says Jeet

Is Jeet, one of the biggest matinee stars, also Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde? For there are those that swear by his honesty and faith — junior actors, technicians, old para friends. And then there are those who can’t abide by him — producers who call him uncompromising, directors who find him stand-offish and arrogant.



To settle the question once and for all, we asked Jeet about this. The answer he gave us was quite simple — “Acting is my life, but I have a life beyond that too.” And that set the ball rolling for a frank chat, where the star of Abhimaan spoke about friends and family, Srijit and Raj, ups and downs in his career.



There is pride in his work, yes, but there is also humility in the realisation that he is one man among many who have kept this industry ticking over the years. Excerpts:

The title of your Puja release is Abhimaan, which seems pretty apt, since Jeet seems to harbour a lot of abhimaan towards a lot of people — producers, co-actors, directors, journalists.


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