Get Dumb Husband talk to his wife after 15 years of silence

Getting married is, for many couples, the beginning of a wonderful life together. And in this journey of life they are living moments that then become important memories, treasures we hold in the heart forever, but of course there are hard times in a marriage.

A good example is the case of Don and Lorraine. The trip of their life together has not exactly been a bed of roses. On June 17, 1989 Don and Lorraine said yes and promised want to love life, in good times and in bad times. What then they did not know was that they would face hard times, but the couple had a nice start in their marriage.


 Get Dumb Husband talk to his wife after 15 years of silence

They had three wonderful children, and worked hand in hand on the farm that had been together. Everything changed in 1995 when Don was diagnosed with ALS, a degenerative neuromuscular disease type that occurs when the nerve cells gradually decrease its functioning and die, causing progressive muscle paralysis.

And this was one of the first phrases that Don could say to his wife : ” My dear Lorraine , I can not imagine my life without you. You have made these 25 years have flown by, and you got my 20 years with ALS are sufferable , and hope we can have more love 20 years. “

With the help of this team he was Don invent a machine that facilitates form words using the eyes . The best thing about this invention? Which it is connected to a computer voice that can say the word that Don tells his gaze. After 15 years of silence Lorraines had succeeded, finally , her husband returned to “voice ”


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