Make Disneyland’s Famous Dole Whip at Home, Sold Only At Disneyland

A visit to Disneyland is not complete without a trip to the Tiki Juice Bar where the famous Dole Whip soft serve dessert resides, the Dole Whip is a pineapple-flavored soft-serve frozen dessert sold only at Disneyland. These golden swirls of frozen pineapple-y goodness are an essential part of any magical visit.

”The popular dessert, served in a cup or in a glass of pineapple juice as a float topped with a maraschino cherry and Polynesian paper umbrella”

But Ever sit at home, and day dream about the worlds famous Dole Whip as sold in Walt Disney World and Disneyland? Fear not, tune in, to see how to make them, in the comfort of your home!

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