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Disney Closed This Park, And It’s A Creepy, Abandoned Masterpiece Today

Disney Closed This Park Back In 2001, What many visitors don’t know is that there is an abandoned park sitting on an island inside the Orlando property that looks like a set from a horror film… And It’s A Creepy, Abandoned Masterpiece Today

The River Country park was Walt Disney World’s first water park on Bay Lake in Florida, opened its doors 40 years ago in 1976 and following a tragic death, the corporation closed down the attraction closed down in 2005. Although the company never gave an official reason as to why they closed River Country, many say it was because of the park’s usage of Florida fresh water.


“Let’s face it: there are places in this world that most of us could never imagine being abandoned, and Disney World tops that list,” Lawless explained to PetaPixel.


Disney Closed This Park, And It's A Creepy, Abandoned Masterpiece Today

But following a tragic death, the park closed for the last time on November 2, 2001. In April of 2002, it was announced that River Country would not reopen for summer. Its days had finally come to an end, reports mirror.co.uk.

“Next month will mark 40 years after the opening day of River Country, and I wanted to capture powerful images that wouldn’t just showcase this eerie, abandoned Disney park. I wanted it to be absolutely beautiful at the same time,” he continued.

These images were captured by snapper Seph Lawless , who goes by the pseudonym and specialises in images of abandoned theme parks and malls, has shared the images in the hope it’ll force Disney to clean up the aftermath of their amusement park.

Disney World park left abandoned in 2001 shown in new photos..


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