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Did Nobody Notice These Glaring Mistakes In The Storylines Of Some Of The Most Famous Movies!

A well-rounded water-tight script is at the core of every great movie. Sometimes we love the overall concept so much that we decide to overlook some of the bigger problems with the plot that deem the movie pointless. Let’s take a look at some of biggest mistakes in the storylines of some of the most famous movies.

1. Aladdin

Aladdin should have passed the lamp to Jasmine and they could have had 6 wishes in total.

Anyone who rubs the magical lamp becomes the owner of the Genie, who grants Aladdin 3 wishes for the same. There’s this dramatic sequence of the dilemma because Aladdin chooses to set the genie free instead of getting something for his personal gain. There was an easy way out of this sticky situation – Simply let Jasmine use the genie, now you have 6 wishes in total. That was really stupid, Aladdin.

Source – YouTube

2. Armageddon

It would be much easier for NASA to train astronauts to drill holes than train oil-rig engineers to be astronauts.

There’s a huge asteroid approaching Earth and the only way to stop it is by drilling a huge hole through the center of the asteroid. A bunch of oil-drillers are recruited by NASA and trained so that they can go to space and save mankind.

Would you rather astronauts drilling holes or oil-rig engineers flying spaceships?

Source – YouTube



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