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Dhumketu will not release this Puja anymore

Kaushik Ganguly’s Dev-Subhasree starrer much-anticipated movie ‘Dhumketu’s release has been pushed back.  Anyway, ‘Dhumketu’ will release this year but this Puja will have only one release of Dev i.e. Srijit Mukherji’s ‘Zulfiqar’ where the ‘Bonuhansh’ star shares screen with Prosenjit Chatterjee, Jisshu Sengupta, Parambrata.


Dhumketu will not release this Puja anymore
Dhumketu will not release this Puja anymore

Kaushik Ganguly, director of Dhumketu, said, “There are a lot of films this Puja and it might lead to some amount of confusion for the audience. Even going by last year’s trend, we can expect housefull shows for all films, but the percentage of shows is bound to reduce. Fact is, if you are confident about a film, a big release date doesn’t matter at all.

”The audience too only understands good films and bad films — to them a calendar date means nothing. We, as a team, are very confident of the film we have made. Dhumketu will release this year itself. I think this stand would help the industry in more ways than one.

Also, I appreciate Ranada’s decision.” And you will still be able to witness Subhasree vs Subhasree as two of her movies ‘Abhimaan’ and ‘Prem Ki Bujhini’ starring Subhasree and Om and Anjan Dutt’s Chiriakhana hits the screen on the same day during Puja.


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