Dhoni Finally Reveals Why He Collects Stumps After Every Victory

New Delhi: Anyone who has watched cricket in the last decade will have noticed THAT after every victory of Team India, is a distinctive habit that’s commonly observed with skipper MS Dhoni, reports ABP news.

In a recent interview, When asked about why he dislodged the stump from the ground & takes it along with him, Dhoni said, “I have to do my post-cricket plans you see. I don’t mark the stumps that I collect. (Post-retirement) I’d watch the matches, look at the stumps and say ‘ok, this is from that match’. I have enough to keep me occupied for years.”


Dhoni Finally Reveals Why He Collects Stumps After Every Victory

“That’s my retirement plan. The good thing is that I do collect a lot of stumps but the bad one is I don’t put a mark as to which match they were from. So, after I retire I’ll watch the videos of all my matches, look closely at the sponsors logos on the stumps and figure out which match a stump belongs to. It will be my post-cricket pass time!” HE ADDED…



His peculiar wish from Dhoni is 320 cricket stumps which he will utilize in fencing his house. Well, that’s the reason why Dhoni collects a stump every time India wins and we hope the story is true.

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