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Dev is my best friend says Rukmini Maitra

Rukmini Mitra stepped in the glamour world with modeling assignments when she was only 14. And now she was announced to be the heroine of Raj Chakraborty’s next movie “Champ” where Dev plays a high weight Boxer. This is fast time Dev and Rukmini Maitra to pair up together in Champ Bangla cinema.

And when said you dating Dev, Who said I am dating Dev? she says that I don’t know why you are talking about the dating part. But, if you ask, generally about the relationship, I am Dev’s absolute best friend. No time, distance, space or human being can ever change that between us. And Dev knows that only too well.


dev and rukmini mitra

What is the one thing you like about Dev? That he is a very sorted person within. I know him since I was 17.We met through mutual friends. At that point of time, I didn’t even know that he was an actor. And then we lost touch. And when we got back in touch, I had no idea he was so big here. He would tell me, `You know, I have done pretty well for myself!’ and I would be like, `Ok, nice. So have I!’ she added.


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