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Dev is a friend who will forever be as good as family: Rukmini

For the past 10 years, many tried casting you in films, but you always refused. Finally, you said yes to Raj Chakrabarty’s Champ, where you are cast opposite ‘good friend’ Dev. The film is from Dev’s production house…

The first offer I got was for I Love You, opposite Dev. Then Challenge, Yoddha and of late Dhumketu, all opposite him, but I turned them down as I was not ready. So, to me, the hero or the production house doesn’t matter. In the past six months, Rajda and Dev tried hard to convince me. Then, one fine day, I felt it was time — time for me to go for it. That is when I said yes to Champ.


Is it true that Jaya is much like you in real life.
I can relate to her in every possible way!…… Read More.


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