Dead beached humpback whale taken back out to sea

The reeking carcass of a humpback was towed back out to sea near Los Angeles Friday, not long after three other whales were found dead in Alaska.

The 46-foot-long whale surfaced onto Dockweiler beach, near the west end of Los Angeles International Airport, just before 8pm Thursday – and authorities had to remove it before beachgoers arrived this Fourth Of July weekend.

They tried to push it back into the water with a bulldozer around midday but failed because of the low tide.
Lifeguards ended up tying the whale’s tail to boats to pull it off the sand during the evening high tide, taking it far out to sea. Whale watchers had spotted the humpback three times off Southern California between June and August last year and had nicknamed it Wally, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County whale researche associate Alisa Schulman-Janiger said.


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