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Dark Chocolate revel the dark side of human psycho !

Dark Chocolate is based on the  real life murder mystery of Sheena Bora, and had generated a lot of controversies during its production phase itself. The Sheena Bora murder is the most talked about case in recent times.


Dark Chocolate

When the news about Sheena Bora’ murder case broke, it managed to stay on television screens and newspaper headlines for weeks without break. First they thought it was her media tycoon sister who killed her, when the charred body of a girl found inside a suitcase in the woods in Maharashtra.

Bollywood actress Mahima Chaudhry makes debut into a Bengali film and will play the role of Ishani Banerjee and Riya Sen will play the part of Rina Bardhan, a role inspired by life of Sheena Bora. Agnidev Chatterjee is the first one to take advantage of this real life incident and attempted to make in it on extra large screen.


Dark Chocolate movie

Dark Chocolate (why is it called that?) will not be fair to the audience who will pay money to watch it and also to the people involved in the real murder case. All said and done, Sheena’s murder is a tragedy on the Bora-Mukerjea family.

Unless the film makers had a direct access to Peter and Indrani’s prison cells, it is unlikely they have all the facts. To make a film based on real life and turn it into your own imagined story is deep injustice to those who are accused in the case. The least the story deserves is the time for itself to unfold in reality before we rush to base a film on it.

Source – firstpost