This Terrifying Creature Was Pulled Out Of A River In Russia. Wait Till It Opens Its Mouth

Mystery Surrounds A Mutant Creature Pulled From A Russian River By Two Baffled Fishermen. It was caught in the Kama River in central Russia’s Udmurt Republic by fishermen using earth worms.

There is still confusion over what the creature is, with the fishermen themselves saying it’s a mutated freshwater fish while others claim it’s a piranha. The creature, which held up against the fisherman’s arm looks to be at least two feet long, completely stumped its hunters when they pulled it out of the water.



 Creature Was Pulled Out Of A River In Russia

According to local reports, locals kept the species as domestic animals when they were first introduced to Russia back in the 1940s. Several owners were said to have released them into rivers and local sewage systems when they got too big for their water tanks.


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