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Columbus tides over cash crunch

Saurav Palodhi’s Colkatay Columbus is a satire that looks into an individual’s need to follow a legend to give their life a reason. In the film, explorer Christopher Columbus, who went looking for India but set anchor in the Americas instead, is used to represent every man, who searches for one thing but ends up discovering something unexpected.

But the film, which stars Mir, Tonushree Chakraborty, Gaurav Chakrabarty , Anirban Bhattacharya, Ritabhari Chakraborty , was released at a time when the entire country is going through an economic upheaval following the Centre’s announcement of a ban on `500 and `1,000 notes.


Colkatay Columbus

This has resulted in a temporary cash crunch that’s effecting one and all.But according to the film’s producer, Joy B Ganguly , the crunch hasn’t affected the film’s business. “It has surprisingly not affected our sales, which are still above average. This is certainly a positive trend,“ he said.


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