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Columbus Comes to Kolkata Discover a New Land

Columbus is known for discovering America but he will be seen in Kolkata in Sourav Palodhi’s first directorial venture “Colkatay Columbus”. The movie stars Mir as Columbus alongwith Tollywood stars Tanushree, Suchandra Vaaniya, Ritabhari, Gaurav Chakraborty and Anirban Bhattacharya. Directed by Sourav Palodhi.  The team has announced the release date which will be on November 11.


Here comes the official trailer of ‘Colkatay Columbus’:

Colkatay Columbus

The satirical comedy that revolves around the famous explored Columbus, who suddenly appear in Kolkata. Mir plays the lead role, the famous Italian traveler of History somehow manages to find himself in the 21st century Kolkata and what happens next is the story.


Colkatay Columbus


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