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Colors Bangla New Serial Pita: Struggle of a Daughter-in-law

Colors Bangla has come up with a new story focusing on the relationship of the parents with their children. Watch this heartfelt story of father and his daughter-in-law in Pita premiering on 17th October every day from Monday to Saturday at 7:30 pm can be seen in the serial “father”on the Colors Bangla Bengali TV channel.

This story Kanai a Baul is a born artist and is over sixty year age. He is known as a famous Baul Baul songs, but he has never got the opportunity to be in the lime light for his talent. Many of his songs by using the music companies but Kanai never received a justified remuneration from them.


Colors Bangla New Serial Pita

Kanai is a great teacher and has been a responsible and loving father for his children. He struggled a lot to establish his own children , but grew so ambitious that they left their father in old age. Veteran actor Abhishek Chatterjee will be seen playing the role of Kanai.

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