Volunteer From Audience Knocked Out And Nearly Paralyzed By Circus Clown

Circus Zyair – A man was knocked unconscious by a clown in a circus stunt which went horribly wrong

Ben Garnham, 37, was lucky not to have been paralysed, made his first ever trip to the circus with his daughters Jade, 22, and Amber, 19, however, in front of dozens of children looking on, the trick went wrong and Garnham was knocked unconscious after landing awkwardly on the floor.

”My kids filmed me up on stage tonight not knowing what was about to happen. I’m OK just battered, Concussed, bruised and a bit dizzy. I’m very angry at the way I was carried off stage before the paramedics even checked to see if I had any major neck or back injuries,” said Ben Garnham.

”I could of been paralysed for all they knew. Thankfully I’ll be OK. Thank you to all the well wishers and I’m sorry if I upset anyone or their kids. I hope Benjamin the clown is OK too,” He adeed,

After accident he suffered a cut head, swollen face and a headache and was taken to hospital after the accident at Circus Zyair’s show in Blackwood, Caerphilly county, on Monday.


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