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13 Cutest Celebrity Pets Guaranteed To Melt Your Tiny, Fragile Heart

In an effort to make the Internet completely implode, I have compiled a list of some of the cutest celebrity pets. Instagram has become a great forum for getting an inside look into the lives of the “glitterati” and it comes as no surprise that a lot of celebs use the app to take cute photos of their cuddly critters.

In a pre-Internet era, we’d have no way of knowing that Kylie Jenner has a pet bunny named Bruce. But, alas, we live in the golden age of oversharing. So not only do we know that Miley Cyrus has a kitty named Shanti Om Bb (yes, that is the cat’s name), but we can also follow all of Shanti’s cool cat comings and going’s on her very own Instagram (@shantiombb). This should come as no surprise.


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