‘Britain’s loneliest dog’ lands role in Hollywood movie

‘Britain’s loneliest dog’, who has been living in an animal shelter for six years and has been rejected by 18,000 potential owners, has landed a role in the the new Transformers movie.

Bay lives in Los Angeles and Miami with his two bullmastiffs, Bonecrusher and Grace, named for characters in Transformers and Armageddon, respectively.


'Britain's loneliest dog' lands role in Hollywood movie

Freya the Staffordshire bull terrier was dubbed ‘Britain’s loneliest dog’ has languished at a Merseyside animal shelter for six years and been overlooked by 18,000 visitors has landed a role in the new Transformers movie.

Freya was spotted on Facebook by animal loving Hollywood movie director Michael Bay , who has cast her in the fifth instalment of the blockbuster Transformers series.

The film crew are due to start filming in the UK this summer. Bay, 51, said that if the role did not find the dog a home, he would keep her, ‘The Mirror’ reported.

“We are thrilled at the opportunity of a movie deal for Freya and at such interest and support from a major film director who is also a dedicated animal advocate,” a spokesperson for Freshfields Animal Rescue Centre , where Freya is currently lodged, said.


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