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Watch: Brad Pitt rescues a young girl from a crowd of fans and Become A Real Life Superhero!

The Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt has been hailed as a hero after saving a young girl from being crushed by a crowd of film lovers who had assembled to watch filming of his latest movie, Allied in Gran Canaria, reports abcnews.

On Monday, the star, 52, came to the rescue of a little girl who appeared in danger of being crushed by a crowd of eager fans.

While shooting his upcoming World War II film, “Allied,” he noticed the young girl being pushed up against a fence. Selfless Pitt rushed to her rescue as a huge crowd gathered to watch him in Las Palmas, the capital of Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands.


Brad Pitt Helps Save Young Fan From Being Crushed in Crowd

The drama happened as hundreds of fans rushed forward to take pictures and selfies of Pitt, who plays intelligence officer Max Vatan embarking on a risky mission behind enemy lines. Spanish newspaper Canarias7.es reported the girl was in danger of being crushed against a security barrier but no-one noticed, except the eagle-eyed actor, who leaped into action.

He grabbed hold of the girl and with the help of his bodyguards, lifted her to safety and on to the road before making sure she was safe and well with her mother.


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