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Book Your Ticket For ‘Banchha Elo Phire’ Online

Banchha Elo Phire (বাঞ্ছা এলো ফিরে |||| Banchha Elo Phire). Inspired by Tapan Sinha’s masterpiece ‘Bancharamer Bagan’, debutant director Amitabha Pathak’s new upcoming Bengali comedy film ‘Bancha Elo Phire.’ Now, you can grab your tickets on the online ticket booking sites. The film releases today. Book Tickets

The story of the film is about Debipur, a remote village. The village gains importance due to the proposed National Highway. The film follows Bancharam, an old man who is at risk of losing his land to developers who want to build a national highway.


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His grandson, Guneswar, is all for selling the land, despite his grandfather’s wishes.He loves his garden more than his life. He plans on how to save his garden from these promoters.Unfortunately for Bancharam, he dies and his spirit visits Zamindar Narahari Dutta in order to ask for help. The film is slated for release on 21st of October.


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