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Music band Bhoomi celebrates its 17th anniversary in style

Bhoomi (ভূমি)(literally means earth) is a Bengali urban folk music group based in Kolkata, West Bengal, was eighteen years old was celebrated its 17th anniversary at a city auditorium recently. Former band member Richard Gasper joined the band members along with frontman Soumitra Ray, Abhijit Ghosh, Hemanta Goswami, Robin Lai and Soumitra’s elder son, Arjyesh.

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On one occasion in July 1999, the band become hugely popular and performed in various local, national and international platforms. He did not look back after that . The unfailing love being at home and abroad to fund the audience at the show in 1700 . Leaving a member of the group ‘ bhumi is still ahead.


Bhoomi (band) was celebrated 18th birthday


17 years of love to the audience the band rendered numbers such as ‘Chal mini assam jabo’ , Poob akasher gaan and Chokhar deshe, apart from regulars such as Pocha kaka, Mone ar nai re and Kaam sharse. Ray said, “It seemed 17 years passed by in a jiffy. We still remember the excitement surrounding our first stage show way back in 1999. Now, we are looking forward to the release of our new album. I would also like to thank all our fans who have always stood by us.”


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