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Bhoomi (band) was celebrated 18th birthday

Bhoomi (ভূমি)(literally means earth) is a Bengali urban folk music group based in Kolkata, West Bengal, was eighteen years old was celebrated 18th birthday. On one occasion in July 1999, the band become hugely popular and performed in various local, national and international platforms. He did not look back after that . The unfailing love being at home and abroad to fund the audience at the show in 1700 . Leaving a member of the group ‘ bhumi is still ahead.


Bhoomi (band) was celebrated 18th birthday

“Let’s start with ‘Chal mini assam jabo’ songs Soumitra Roy led his ears bhumira 17 songs. Avijit Ghosh took part, robin Lai, Hemant Goswami, Before the ceremony, with wreaths ‘ bhumi – members are welcome . Soumitra Roy said, ” I spent 17 years of love to the audience . Yaba love them ahead in the coming days’


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