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Now, Bengali film on vampires

Hollywood has time and again made films on vampires. Bollywood often comes up with horror films and some actors have even made their careers out of such films. Back home, director Debarati Gupta is set to come up with a film on vampires, the first of its kind in Bengali cinema.

Gupta though had no plans to make a film on vampires. However, when the producer of the film asked her to come up with an experimental subject, she shared her idea of making a film on vampires. “My cinematographer Joydeep Bose is hooked onto thrillers. He was the one who pushed me to write a film on vampires,” says Gupta, whose last film, Kalkiyug, was a thriller.

Pujarini Ghosh and Indrasish Roy in an intimate scene

Though Gupta expresses her desire to come up with a sequel to Kalkiyug, she also informs that Bengalis have always had an inclination towards thrillers, especially sleuths from Bengali literature. She also says that she is not interested in making films, which are part of a franchise.



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