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Bengali Classic Comedies That Will Make You ROFL

The golden age of Bengali cinema has delivered some of the greatest comedy films that never fail to impress. No matter how many TV reruns one watches, the essence of these comedy movies is such that laughter flows freely every time. The magic can be measured by the fact that even after hours of watching the amusement stays.

In this list, we tried to sum up the Kohinoors among the infinite gems. Check out the list and make your mind which one you would like to watch for this weekend. A friendly reminder- don’t try to drink anything while watching these movies otherwise you risk to spil out the same.


Bengali Classic Comedies That Will Make You ROFL

Sharey Chuattor (1953)

‘Share Chuattor’ marks the first movie of legendary onscreen couple Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen. Rajanibabu (Tulshi Chakraborty), the owner of Annapurna Boarding House for men in Kolkata who’s relative comes to stay in the boarding with his beautiful daughter Ramola. While others become elated in the presence of Ramola (Suchitra Sen), Rampriti (Uttam Kumar) opposes. After an initial fight, they fall in love and start exchanging letters. One of the letter’s accidentally reaches Rajnibabu’s wife and children living in the suburb and hell breaks loose as his wife misunderstands the entire thing.

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