When This Bearded Dragon Wanted A Treat, He Had No Idea It’d Be So Hard To Get It

My bearded dragon Spyro is the star of the show here in this video! In the clip it starts with me enticing him to go down our hallway cuz his “gf” Cynder (My female beardie) is at the end of the hall. As you can see he is black under his chin and is doing is “head bobb” as we call it…lol…that is his “mating” call.

So i finally get him to the end of the hall and as I’m playing with his tail he starts chasing after it like a DOG! lol I love my beardie and he is SPOILED to death and is treated as though he is like a puppy so that’s probably where he gets his “dog like” characteristics. Still i found it to be a good laugh and wanted to share it with you all. More to come soon!



This is too funny!

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