Check The Weird Technique When This Hiker Encountered A Bear And How It Actually Worked!

This is a situation every back country traveller never wants to experience. I was down wind of the bear and looking down hill at Dusty who was still hiking up. The bear was apparently approaching to investigate what I was and not catching any smell due to the wind. When Dusty saw him and began waiving his hands, I turned and slowly started walking backwards facing him but not being threatening, while talking to the bear. This technique has worked in every other bear encounter I have had.

When I realized it was not deterring him in the slightest I knew I was in for trouble and realized I had one tactic left to call out his bluff. When he stood up to charge in the beginning of the video I had to try and counter it. Without my gun or spray I had one option and it was to appear a threat or at least a difficult meal. (I know many people will criticize my choice for no firearm or spray and go right ahead, I made an educated decision and for once faced the true consequences of that so spare me the BS)

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