Secret Footage: This Is How New Born Chicks Are Treated On The First Day Of Their Lives!

his video – shot secretively by an animals rights group, Animal Equality – shows how the chicks are stacked together and kept in a dark cupboard before they are taken to the assembly line.

According to Mail Online, the ‘lucky’ ones that are considered fit for meat consumption, are dropped onto the carousel, stabbed with a vaccination needle, and thrown in the chute within seconds, like “inanimate objects”.



The video, filmed secretly by an animal rights campaign group, shows them being packed into crates by the thousand and shut in dark cupboards to be stored.The tiny animals poured from boxes onto conveyor belts, where workers throw them from section to section by the handful, tossing them carelessly though are inanimate objects.

The birds can be seen being shot through chutes onto the next section the assembly line.Some chicks that hatched late not even separated from the broken shells. They can be seen being crushed along with the broken egg shells.


This Is How New Born Chicks Are Treated On The First Day Of Their Lives!


Those that survive to the later stages of the factory line then dropped onto carousel, where they pile up.Workers then pick them up, stab them with a vaccination needle, then throw them down a hole in the middle within seconds.The video goes highlight how the chicks are sent to industrial growth farms and pumped with growth hormones, growing to full size within just 40 days.

Millions of chicks born on egg farms every year never make it through their first day they are killed simply for being born male.The chicks, which are useless they cannot lay eggs, are either gassed thrown into macerating machines, which kill them instantly.The British Egg Information Service claims they are ‘humanely gassed’and has admitted the past that this happens whether the eggs are free range or not. VIA – Aali Baaba

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