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Arindam Sil’s Next ‘Durga Sohay’ start shooting from December

After the detective flicks Shabor and Byomkesh ,  will be trying his hands at a family drama this time and name of the movie will be titled Durga Sohay. Director Arindam Sil, is ready to roll with a relationship tale in December, which will star Dipankar De, Sohini Sarkar, Priyanka Sarkar, Tonushree Chakraborty, Indrasish Roy, Bratya Basu and Anirban Bhattacharya, among others.

“My TV film Swade Ahlade was very popular, and I always knew there was an audience for family drama. I had originally thought of Durga Sohay for TV, but when the story took shape, my team insisted that I make it into a film,” said Arindam.


Arindam Sil's Next 'Durga Sohay'

The story revolves around the aristocratic Basak family and their north Kolkata mansion. Sohini Sarkar plays Durga in the movie. “Durga is not an urban character and I have to put in a lot of effort in terms of diction and body language. And I like the twist where Arindamda shows if my inner Durga manifests itself,” said Sohini.  The shooting will start from December this year.


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