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Are Riddhi and Surangana Tolly’s youngest couple?

Tolly offspring Riddhi Sen, has now been linked to Surangana, his co-star from Anindya Chattopadhyay’s debut film, Open Tee Bioscope.


Are Riddhi and Surangana Tolly’s youngest couple?

Open Tee Bioscope is a 2015 Bengali coming-of-agecomedy-drama film, directed by director Anindya Chatterjee, who is the well known vocalist of the band Chandrabindu.

In an interview recently, the actor opened up about his love life where he spoke about her liking for a girl his age and said it was “more than infatuation and less than love”.

Says a source close to the duo, “They are very young to talk about being in a relationship and is, therefore, taking time. Both Riddhhi and Surangana developed a liking for each other during the making of open Tee Bioscope, but it was only during the film’s promotions that they came close. There has been no looking back ever since.” VIA

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