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Anatomy of Violence features Kolkata-based actor Ramanjit Kaur

The film is based on the Nirbhaya case [Delhi gang rape incident that occurred in 2012]. It makes an attempt at recreating the lives of the six boys who were involved in this gruesome incident. It portrays their backgrounds and tries to explore the reasons behind their motives and monstrous incident in which they were involved.

We have also tried to recreate the life of Janaki [based on Nirbhaya, the victim] as well – her aspirations, dreams and upbringing.


Deepa Mehta’s film ‘ Anatomy of Violence’ features Kolkata-based celebrated actor Ramanjit Kaur
Intensive research and fact finding was done before the film was made. Each actor plays multiple characters in the film.

What is your role in the film?

Each actor plays multiple characters in the film. I play three characters, which includes Janaki’s colleague in the bank, her mother and a young pregnant lady who is the mother of a 10-year old child.



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