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Bengali actress Madhumita Chakraborty seeks Legal Action against Bangladeshi Media !!

Bengali TV actress Madhumita Chakraborty better known as Pakhi for her role in Bengali serial ‘Bojhe Na Se Bojhe Na’ and Deewana Deewani (2013) became the latest victim of fake news and social media abuses that she was arrested in Goa for being involved in a prostitution racket. Chakraborty along with her husband filed the complaint at the city police headquarters.

“Initially we chose to ignore as some nondescript portal carried the news. Steadily I started getting calls from my colleagues and friends enquiring about the news. But when other portals too picked up the news we decided to approach the police,” said Madhumita.

Recently she received numerous phone calls from her fans about news published Bangadeshi media and online news portals about her being arrested for involvement in a Goa based sex racket.

The actress said that the “fake news” was doing the rounds of social media including Facebook and Whatsapp.

Madhumita got married last year to popular TV actor Sourav. Both Sourav and Madhumita were confused about how to tackle this fake news. Then they decided to take help of the police. “The police have taken the matter seriously and assured us of suitable action. They have taken the list of the portals circulating the fake news and the morphed pictures,” said her husband Sourav got an appointment with Cyber crime cell of Lal Bazar and lodged complain about this fake news and Police are now investigating the case. See full bio »



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