World’s first sex theme park in Brazil due to open in 2018

World’s first SEX THEME PARK will boast bumper cars shaped like PENISES, vibrating cinema seats and aphrodisiac snacks. Investors in Brazil are seeking to build a sex theme park. Hannah and Charlie Berens tell you all about the Erotica Land. Let us know if you would ever go here.


Sex will bizarrely be the only experience not on the menu at the world’s first erotic theme park. A row has broken out over plans for the adults-only ErotikaLand in Brazil due to open in 2018.
over fears the location will become known as “the capital of sex.

A company in Brazil is planning to generate a sex-themed amusement park with penis-shaped bumper cars and a ‘7D’ vibrating cinema. This Erotika Land will have a “sex playground” and “museum of sexuality” but sexual intercourse between visitors is rigorously forbidden. Via : YouTube

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