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Is There Really A 2 Billion-Year-Old Nuclear Reactor In Africa?

Researchers believe that this ancient nuclear reactor is around 1.8 billion years old and operated for at least 500,000 years in the distant past. According to News agencies from Africa, researchers had found traces of fission products and fuel wastes at various locations within the mine area, compared with this huge nuclear reactor, our modern-day nuclear reactors are really not comparable both in design and functionality.

According to studies, this ancient nuclear reactor was several kilometers long. Interestingly, for a large nuclear reactor like this, thermal impact towards the environment was limited to just 40 meters on all sides. Researchers have dubbed the Nuclear Reactor at Oklo as a “natural Nuclear Reactor”, but the truth about it goes far beyond our normal understanding.
Some of the researchers that participated in the testing of the Nuclear reactor concluded that the miners had been enriched in the distant past

Around 1.8 billion years ago, to spontaneously produce a chain reaction. They also concluded that water had been used to moderate the reaction in the same way that the modern nuclear reactors cool down using graphite-cadmium shafts preventing the reactor from going into a critical state and exploding. All of this, “in nature”.…for more updates, just subscribe & get email alert’s via – earthXzone


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