10,000 Rabbits Brutally Killed In New Zealand…But Here’s Why?

SYDNEY:  Hunting for chocolate eggs is popular Easter event, but in New Zealand it was bunnies in the firing line at an annual rabbit-shooting event in one district where they are regarded as pests, reports

10,000 Rabbits Brutally Killed In New Zealand As Part of Annual Easter Bunny Hunt by more than 300 hunters in 27 teams during the 24-hour “bunny hunt”, which began on Good Friday. Among the hunters were a few ferrets, according to organiser Eugene Ferreira.

Ferriera, 49, president of the Alexandra Lions Club, said the event had been running annually for 25 years in the Central Otago district, and was organised after rabbits – an introduced species – developed immunity to poison.




“It’s a big fun event – hunters are out and awake all night,” he said.

Ferreira said the rabbits were a “very, very big problem” for farmers because they cause erosion and eat crops, particularly carrots and cauliflower. In previous years animal rights activists have protested against the hunt, but Ferriera said none came this year.

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